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Cash Kalina
Cash Kalina September 2, 2022

Happy thoughts can easily fade away when struck in the face of sadness. The bittersweet reality that all good things must come to an end sinks in whenever somebody passes away. Loss is filled with questions and periods of reflection. The feelings that accompany can range but one that should be consistent is the essence of remembrance. There is some satisfaction that accompanies scrolling through old messages and flipping the pages of photo albums to feel some type of clarity. Despite the internal struggles, holding onto memories becomes the strongest coping mechanism. The fact that you can choose how to honor loved ones who have passed shows the importance of funeral pre planning.

Pros of Pre Planning:

With this flexibility also comes some responsibility as you can essentially select the way you wish to be remembered. As we all know the circle of life is a beautiful cycle full of many curves along the way. It may be a rather uncomfortable topic to discuss when it comes to thinking of how you envision your own circle, but there is also room for customization. Think about it this way, you are in charge of the legacy you leave behind. Perhaps you want to show off a passion or even offer donations to a local charity. Instead of stopping your journey of life, the path you have chosen will live on through the selection you make regarding remembrance. The choice you make is symbolic of the life you led as it highlights things that are significant to you. Although the selection process may be filled with some difficult decision making, the impact that results from funeral pre planning will assist your loved ones.

The fact that death can sometimes be an unexpected shock makes the funeral planning process a bit more challenging. Unlike a birthday party or an event filled with pomp, funerals stem from pain as well as dreaded goodbyes. There is no joy surrounding selecting a date on a calendar or creating a theme for the celebration. Instead, there are expenses and logistics that can be a challenge for loved ones to decide upon. This is where you step in. Rather than leaving a burden and overwhelming decisions for time leading up to a funeral, spelling out your intended vision eliminates a wide variety of complications. With the stress of planning also comes unnecessary purchases and ideas that tend to come out when dealing with grief. To bypass this, pre plan the arrangements for your funeral and allow your loved ones to focus on the most important thing- remembering your amazing life.

Checking Off the Checklist:

Now, this may seem rather morbid and overwhelming, which is why it is useful to review a checklist. When assessing the long term benefits of pre planning it is helpful to remember that you are able to showcase your wishes as well as save your loved ones money. There is a sense of reassurance and empowerment that comes with outlining the intended details of your funeral long before the time comes. Let's walk through the steps you should take to make the process feel a bit more feasible.

1. Funeral home selection:

This may seem like an obvious and rather essential task, however, sometimes it involves careful consideration. You need to think about the number of guests and the allotted space that will be necessary in order to accommodate all who are in attendance.

2. Assess the type of service you envision:

As previously emphasized, remembrance is a vital asset when thinking about funerals. You can select a traditional funeral or even a celebration of life. The power that comes with making this selection for yourself provides some clarity as emotions are heightened during these times. On the contrary, sometimes you are making these decisions for a loved one. Complete the same steps in asking yourself questions surrounding the type of service you think they would have wanted. There is no right answer, but rather ample ways to cope with loss.

3. Choosing the Cemetery:

Moving on to the next important location selection- the cemetery. Visitation becomes a factor at this point as proximity and ability to get to the burial site is key. Allow the place of burial to be easily accessible as you intend to frequent it. We offer family estates, chapel mausoleums, garden mausoleums, cemetery lots, cremation, memorialization, and memorial benches. The ability to pick and choose the option that appeals most to the way you wish to honor your life.

When choosing a memorial park, there are a number of things to consider. One of the most important factors is the maintenance and cleanliness of the properties. You'll want to find a location that provides perpetual care for the grounds, including grass cutting, repair of markers, etc. Our memorial parks are held to the highest standards and are manicured regularly; many public cemeteries do not receive this sort of care and attention.

4. Achieving Aesthetic:

The next things to go over are the product and burial itself. Check with the funeral home to make sure that the casket and all other details align with their protocol. Aesthetics is the final point to touch upon as the funeral should feel personal.

5. Finishing Touches:

When entering a funeral service there are multiple sensory details that arise. The first being the flowers that are on display. Although not always selected by the family or person that has passed, donations to charity can take their place. Readings and music are important forms of connection during the service as they allow an outlet of expression. Consider those you wish to have be a part of the ceremony and any charities that will be involved with donations. The opportunity to make individualized connections with the person that has passed is beneficial when discussing coping.

Final Thoughts

Funerals are never a one size fits all experience which makes pre planning an essential. The stress and uncertainties that come into play will not feel as daunting if there is a sense of preparation. Sitting down with this checklist and truly analyzing the intended visions for your funeral alleviates any worries. Remembrance of your life becomes the center of attention rather than any negativity that circumbs. The circle of life that encompasses who you are will not stop with time on this planet as your legacy lives on.

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