Our Floral Policy

This policy applies to all Life Remembered memorial parks.

Helpful Tip: If you would like to purchase flowers, they are available in the office for your convenience.
  • Management assumes no responsibility for decorations. We cannot guarantee against damage or disappearance of decorations.
  • Only flowers in approved bronze vases are permitted during the mowing season which is from March 1 to November 1.*
  • Memorials that have not yet been installed may use a temporary container for up to six months after an interment. Temporary containers DO NOT include glass, coffee cans or any other inappropriate container. See office for details.
  • The planting of trees, shrubs or bulbs on any lot is not permitted. Stones, shells and other borders are also prohibited and are subject to immediate removal and disposal.
  • No glass containers or other objects that may pose a risk of injury to people and equipment are allowed. Plastic vesper lights will be permitted during the winter months from November to February. The park will assume NO responsibility for injuries caused by or damage done to the vesper light.
  • Any containers or baskets considered unsightly by Park maintenance will be promptly removed.
  • Potted plants are permitted two days before and one week after Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day. Those not picked up within one week will be removed.
  • All bronze vases will be inverted and summer decorations will be removed November 1. This is to safeguard the bronze vases from any frost or freezing damage.** Winter type displays will be removed after March 1 in preparation for the spring and summer mowing season.
  • Wreaths on stands are permitted at the time of interment, except those in glass containers. Usually these are removed three days after the service.
  • Small American flags are permitted on a veteran’s grave one week before Memorial Day and will be removed after September 11. These flags are not necessarily placed by the cemetery but may be placed by family members and/or volunteer veteran groups.
  • If you do not have a vase on your memorial and would like to leave flowers, please stop in the office to fill out a registration form for your flowers.
Visitors should take extreme caution when visiting the cemetery due to uneven surfaces. Please lock vehicles. The cemetery is not responsible for lost or stolen items or slips and falls.
* The mowing season for Grandview Memorial Park and Sunset Memory Gardens is from February 1 to December 15.
** Excluding Grandview Memorial Park and Sunset Memory Gardens.

Download policy as a PDF.