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Cash Kalina
Cash Kalina March 13, 2023

Like all species of animals, we know that death is inevitable. But unlike them, as humans, we express profound loss, grieve, seek comfort, move on, and hold our lost loved ones in our hearts for eternity. The difficulty of saying farewell to our loved ones has never stopped us from giving them the respect the dead deserve. Haruki Murakami rightly says, "Death is not the opposite of life, but part of it."

Burial is the most humane act of honoring the memory of our loved ones. Humans have been burying the deceased for more than ten millennia. Over the years, the concept and traditions might have changed, but ground burial is still one of the closest ritual rites we share with our ancestors. In fact, 35% of Americans still prefer the traditional ground burial method.

Traditional Ground Burial

Traditional ground burial allows loved ones to maintain an emotional connection with the deceased. When loved ones visit the burial site, they can feel closer to the dead and find comfort in knowing that they can still physically be there for them.

Ground burial consists of five components:

  1. Casket: Houses the deceased's body
  2. Gravesite: The burial space or plot
  3. Memorial: This is a homage to our loved ones—our tribute to them for being an integral part of our life. It is memorialized with a grave marker generally containing the name, date of birth, and date of death of the deceased, along with a quote or religious verse that echoes the way they lived their lives.
  4. Burial Vault: An enclosure, often made out of concrete, to provide an eternal resting space for your deceased loved ones
  5. Landscaping & Maintenance: Opening and closing the burial ground and ensuring the gravesite remains in good condition

Types of Ground Burial Plots

  1. Single Burial Plot: The burial plot can accommodate one person
  2. Companion Plots: Made for couples who wish to stay together in life and beyond, companion plots have two burial spaces right next to each other
  3. Double Depth Plots: It’s a cheaper, more preferred burial plot by couples. Individuals can also be buried here
  4. Family Plots: Some cemeteries offer families the option to purchase an area for the burial of all family members

Benefits of Ground Burial

In most traditions and monotheistic religions, ground burial is marked as respect for loved ones. Burial grounds offer a space where people can visit their dead loved ones and pay their tributes. This type of burial ensures that the memories of those who have left the world continue to stay with us. By visiting their gravesites, we can feel close to them and remember the beautiful lives they lived.

At Life Remembered, we offer ground burial, typically with a traditional cemetery plot, in our memorial parks with various options. Our Custom Built Burial Chamber serves as the most economical form of ground burial. In almost all of our parks, bronze memorials are used in place of tombstones to maintain our parks' natural beauty, landscapes, and tranquility for centuries to come. Contact us to learn more about the memorial park near you.

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