Cemetery Lot

We offer ground burial, typically with a traditional cemetery plot, in all of our memorial parks with a variety of options.

Typically a casket or urn is buried in the earth; plots are available in single-depth or double-depth options, depending on the cemetery.

Here are more details of the variety of ground burials:

  • Individual plots: A space for a single person
  • Couple plots: A space large enough to accommodate two burials vertically or two side-by-side plots sold together. Couples often choose companion plots.
  • Private (walled or hedge) estates: A group of burial plots surrounded by a stone or brick wall and gate or hedges. These secluded spaces provide privacy to families.
  • Our Custom Built Burial Chambers are the most sensible, convenient and economical of choices. They are engineered for loved ones to be together in a clean, dry environment in one burial space.
Cemetery Lot
Each of these options can be customized to your preferences and budget.

In most of our parks, bronze memorials are used in lieu of tombstones to maintain the natural beauty, landscapes, and tranquility of our parks for centuries to come.

A spot in a cemetery is not only a final resting place, it's also an opportunity to honor a special life and uphold a legacy. It provides a designated area for family and friends to visit, reflect and remember. Please ask you Park Advisor for more details on ground burial.