Cremation Memorials

You and your family may be discussing what to do with your loved one's ashes.

Is it time to memorialize their remains in a permanent location to preserve their memory and bring your family members together?

The options for remembering a loved one who has been cremated are many.

Life Remembered offers cremation niches and burials.

Benches, pedestals, and statuaries are also thoughtful options for placing ashes, very popular with our families at all our Parks.

Here are more details on your cremation options:

  • Individual ground burial spaces can be marked with a custom memorial marker.
  • Columbaria are permanent structures that feature cremation niches with individual urns for cremains. Your niche can be engraved with personal information to celebrate your loved one. Some columbaria have glassfronts; others have granite or brass fronts. All can be custom memorialized.
  • Benches to honor cremated remains are popular and are typically granite with laser-etching for personal details.
  • Cremation monuments and markers can showcase the personalities of your loved ones through photos or verses. Ask your Advisor for details.
  • Scattering gardens are an area in the Park where cremated remains are scattered. A memorial can mark whose remains have been left in this meaningful location. This gives future generations of the family a permanent and accessible location to remember their loved ones.

Ask your Life Remembered Advisor about the many ways families can remember their loved ones for generations with our many options for cremated remains.